Moon Dance

     It's always fun to experiment with taking pictures while the moon is out in full force. Ideally, I'd have to combine a few images to get that "perfect shot", but without some layering in Photoshop, these are the images I ended up with. I spent my last Saturday on campus (of freshman year, anyways) gazing up at the big, bright moon and reflecting on the year I've had. I hope everyone enjoyed the spectacle as much as I did, even if you don't have a mountain range conveniently nearby to get a little bit closer to the man on the moon. 


WearAbouts said...

lovely pictures! The moon looks creepy and cool at the same time! :)

SomeoneLikeYou said...

Such breath taking photos of the moon...golly <3

Madeline Quaint said...

Gorgeous photos! I loved seeing the moon swimming over our street, magic.

Sasha Fitzgerald said...

Beautiful photos! I love the one with the clouds and moon together. :)

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