Empty Nests and Bated Breath

(Image from Aura via 79 Ideas)

     As I sit here bouncing my foot in anticipation for one of my finals, I'm coming to a few scary realizations. First of all, I'm moving out of what was my home for an entire school year tonight. My dorm room already looks bare and whitewashed with most of my things already residing at my house. After tonight, I will once again feel transient and unsettled until I move my things back to campus in the late summer. I had my first exchange of "see you later's" with a friend last night and it just put my head in a dizzying, uncomfortable state of emotions. 
     With that looming move in date comes another off-putting occurrence: my nineteenth birthday. Although birthdays are usually nostalgic and unbalanced times for me, it's definitely better than the alternative! I always prefer uneven numbers and because of that I tend to have better associations with the years that I, too, am an odd number.
     You can probably tell that I've had quite the busy time the past few weeks. Luckily, my moving back home means that I can finally get back up to speed with posting. Thanks for bearing with me!


Leila said...

Leaving is hard. :( I always feel so unsettled when I see my things packed up.

But, birthdays are good! I too have a birthday coming up, on the 1st of June. :) When is yours?

daria said...

oh, summer vacations! it's difficult to leave a place where you live, but you'll be even more excited to come back in fall!

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