The Concert Skirt

Purse, belt, and shoes, all vintage secondhand. Shoes, thrifted. Tee shirt, American Eagle.
 Thanks to my beautiful best friend Alysse for snapping these outfit pictures!

     This skirt seems to be full of good luck and good memories already. I just purchased it for a mere five dollars last weekend, but I already feel a connection to it's lovely, ladylike presence. I felt very summery during my classes on Tuesday; a fact that was made even better by the fact that later that evening, I got to see one of my favorite bands of all time in concert, with my best friend of all time. I'm referring to Death Cab for Cutie...definitely the biggest name I've ever seen live. 
     I got a few shots at the concert with my friend Emma's camera (no dSLRs allowed!), but I'll save those for an upcoming post where I give ideas on how to style band tee shirts! 


Amy said...

Awww I love how flowy that skirt is.. I love skirts like that.. the ones where if you twirl around they rise up around you... well cute!



WearAbouts said...

I love band t-shirts! Can't wait to see you review them :)
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elanor, said...

Death cab for cutie! jealous :) your skirt is very lovely. and i really love your woven purse!

Dilan Dilir said...

you look awsome :D love the clothes you are wearing :)

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