The Plaid Poet

Army jacket, American Eagle. Ruffle front blouse, Go Fish. Plaid high waisted pants, H&M. Shoes, thrifted. Belt and backpack, vintage. 

      Wondering around the woods just as dusk is settling in among the trees is truly a magical experience. Although it had been far colder than I'd prefer as the sun was setting last week, I squeezed all the magic I could out of the final moments of daylight anyways. There are certain places that just seem to come to life when I shoot there, and this happened to be one of them. While the enigmatic magnetism that I feel towards certain spots still baffles me, I love searching for every perfect detail that really makes somewhere pop out in my mind. 
      Perhaps it was the ruffled blouse or perhaps the history of the meadow that I'm posing in (it used to be our school's outdoor amphitheater), but I was feeling very literary in these pictures. Perhaps, if I were so lucky, I would have been able to sit for Julia Margaret Cameron as a famous literary figure in her time. Of course, that's just a reverie of the past and I'd rather go forward creating my own works in the future. 


Kat said...

I love woodland photo shoots! As an author, I appreciated these pictures. (Of course, I'd be out in the woods with my laptop like the weirdo I am!)


mochaccinoland said...

love these photos in the wood! the ruffles front blouse is pretty!!


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