The Light Chaser

....also known as adventures in editing!
(Grandma- a free curve from The Color Shop)
(Another light leak action from deviantart)
(Playing around in camera raw)
Striped shirt, H&M. Paper bag shorts, American Eagle. Cardigan, gift from my mother (Dillard's). Lace clutch, Jason Wu for Target. Necklace, Reverie for Madewell. Emerald green loafers, vintage.

     This post is definitely another glimpse into the reality of my life. I almost didn't use these pictures because they weren't "up to my standards" for quality, aesthetic...I don't really know what. But they just didn't seem like pictures that typically fit the bill for what becomes popular. 
     While the topic of popularity is an entirely different discussion, these pictures definitely got me to relax a little bit about my perfectionism. I first started off in the mindset of a first time visitor, someone casually perusing my blog. What would they think about these pictures? I know I have to concede a little bit of creative control if I want any sort of readership, but I came to the conclusion that I like these pictures and therefore I hope that my regular followers will as well. After all, I took these after cross country practice, during the last few moments of remaining light...and got poison ivy while doing so. 
     So yes, these pictures aren't quite comparable to the usual (self proclaimed) splendor that I try to achieve in my outfit posts. But that is entirely reflective of the kind of day it was.


WearAbouts said...

that necklace is so cool! I love editing photos--it's so great to see the results ! Yours are really cool :)
Club Couture Giveaway!

hattitude said...

Hattitude Style Blog

wicked necklace! as a jewellery designer i LOVE seeing the accessories on fellow bloggers. this one is so rad.

i can't believe you got poison ivy! oh dear.

i love the vintage loafers. what a great colour.

talk soon wild child
Hattitude Style Blog

Zuley Blue said...

Aggreed. That necklace is wonderful. I really like the loafers as well. I wish I could find some my size! Oh stripes, yet another spring time item I can't yet wear because of the cold here *jealous*

Sasha Fitzgerald said...

Those green shoes are just adorable!! (*/∇\*)
I love the necklace too, it's very antique-victorian looking. <3

Carla Florendo said...

u know what, I think I totally understand what u mean, with the photo standard and giving an impression on new readers and stuff. when it comes to my blog photos, I'm a bit of a perfectionist as well. but i have this problem of not being able to decide where they're what i want or rather what my readers would want to see. I guess we should loosen a little bit, don't we? hehe. don't fret though cos i like these photos. at first glance I wanted to tell u that already, and then i read what u wrote. they're amazing i think, and I might download some of those sets u used thanks for the links =)

cheers, Carla

Aliya said...

That necklace is so cool! Love your shoes as well! Your outfits are always so amazing!

x Aliya

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