The Impulsive Movie-goer

Cashmere cardigan, from my mom from Dillard's. Shorts, F21. Shoes, belt, and bag, vintage. Bird blouse, H&M. Pictures by Reid!

     After a week of working on houses for Habitat for Humanity down in Tuscaloosa (with a sinus infection that I still have, of course), there was one thing on my mind for relaxation: seeing The Hunger Games. We got back to campus around 10:00 and luckily for me, Reid couldn't wait to see me and decided to come pick me up. While I probably could have driven home, the combination of circumstances weren't the best.
     Fast forward to Saturday and, other than going to the doctor as soon as I woke up, my only plans were to see the movie! I thought that this shirt that my mom picked out for me was just perfect for that. There was a slight snag in my plans though...I decided to get eight inches of my hair cut off. And here are the results!
     This is a bit of a whirlwind post considering that I'm getting ready to go back to classes tomorrow as well as recovering from my illness, but everything will be back to normal this week! Hope your weekend was good and if any of you saw The Hunger Games, let me know what you thought!


charlotte said...

love your outfit! i'll probably see the hunger games next week and i'm really excited :)

Amelia said...

what'd you think of hunger games? i saw it at midnight. bahh i'm sorry to hear about your sinus infection, i have had more than my fair share of those- so i feel for you.

ps. obsessed with your haircut! it looks so good. and your eye makeup is perfect.

Kat said...

Aah, that eye makeup! I keep forgetting to do something other than my basic black eyeliner. I'm so boring.

I'm hoping to see The Hunger Games today. It really scares me how popular it's become. I mean, it was a beautifully written book, but the fact that people are squealing and flipping their crap over watching teens fight to the death is horrible. If we're so horrified by what's going down in the books, why are we so darn excited to watch it for ourselves? Blegh. I'm sure the film will be fantastic. Love the shirt, by the way.


Leila said...

Love your hair, and love your shirt! I'm going to see the Hunger Games with a student next Saturday--I can't wait!

Nessa said...

Your hair looks great!! Did you enjoy the Hunger Games? I loved it. i have already seen it twice!

daria said...

the new hair looks great! and I love the bird top!

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