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Dress, Francesca's Collections. Blazer, recesses of my closet (Kohl's originally). Vintage brooch that matches the earrings in these posts (1,2). Vintage Dooney & Bouke bag. Gap headband. J. Crew bracelets. Timex Watch from Target. Land's End leather flats.

     Monday's outfit was inspired by something that I'm sure many students find themselves doing: rushing! Although specifically I'm going to be using my own experiences in college as an example, I know it applies just as much to high school students.
     As I was rushing out to make it on time to my 8:00 AM class, I realized that I had reached for several things that are listed as "staples" on almost any college fashion websites. Not only was I donning a blazer, a headband, and flats, but I even had my hair in the most stereotypical "college" style: a messy bun. However "essential" these wardrobe items might be, I definitely wanted to spice it up with some more luxurious elements, hence the bracelets, brooch, and headband. 
     I'm really interested in being able to put together a nice looking outfit even if I don't plan it out in advance. I think this is a really important skill if you want to dress nice for daily classes, so I'm thinking about doing a series of posts on my process of getting dress for school. Would anyone (college or otherwise) be interested?


daria said...

love the cat dress! and these colors look great on you. the series of posts sounds cool :)

Nessa said...

This outfit is gorgeous! I could totally see myself wearing this. I need to get me a blazer like that!!

Natalia L. said...

Well, let me tell you that this outfit doesn't look rushed at all, it actually looks really well thought; and maybe that's what's great about it!
And I love the dress to pieces!!! <3

Girls that glitter love the dark

Clara Turbay said...

Great and simple at the same time.

Colorful Sense said...

lovely dress! a pure nature look...nice!

bisoubisou CS

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