Editorial Inspiration: Dream Works

     One of the things that I actually miss about high school is the chance to go to another prom. Although my school now does have a formal spring dance, there's just something so wonderful about getting to purchase a truly special dress for prom. And if I was jealous of my younger friends before, I'm a nice shade of green with envy after seeing Teen Vogue's prom inspiration editorial. If only all proms actually looked so wonderful!


Nessa said...

These photos are amazing. The models match the clothing perfectly!

Zuley Blue said...

I love these photos. And if you are jealous I am more, I never got a prom!

Kat said...

I was oogling over this shoot too! I really love the soft coloring and hazy look. You never really see that in magazines, so I was really pleased. I usually don't find a lot of things to like in Teen Vogue (most of what they post is, to me, unwearable and therefore fairly uninspiring), so this was a welcome change!


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