Faded Impressions

Cardigan, Old Navy. Belt, blouse, shorts,purse, and necklace, all vintage. Shoes, Lands End. Watch, Timex. Bracelet, DIY.
Yes that is a cemetery gate.

     Other than the fact that the light was dappled to perfect at the gate of the cemetery we have on campus, I feel a certain sense of peace associated with the generations of "somebodies" from the college buried there. I'd love nothing better than to make a lasting impression on a place of education or the world at large. I thought it was appropriate to leave my faded reminder on my hand in going with the theme of today's post. 
      As far as the outfit goes, it was actually so warm that it was slightly uncomfortable to keep the cardigan on all day. I'm not complaining, though, as I got to break out my favorite pair of shorts that I've ever owned. I created those from an old pair of pants that my grandmother gave me and have embraced the mom shorts effect to the fullest degree. Although one of my more casual looks, this was perfect for hanging out outside all day!


Aliya said...

I love everything about this outfit! You have amazing style!

x Aliya, your newest follower :)

daria said...

you look darling! I love the lace top and the way the shorts fit!

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