Antiquing Adventures

Creepy, seasonably inappropriate Santa in the antique store.

      I wanted to share a few snaps that I took while I was out last Friday. Although I only have pictures up of the globe that I purchased, I didn't get many other things from this particular antique store. My parents and I were in a bit of a time crunch as I had to go to an afternoon class, but we managed to see some nice things along the way.

Some buildings downtown.

      I love living somewhere with an actual downtown now. We have bakeries, old theaters, some beautiful walls, and some interesting little galleries and shops. Although I'm only forty five minutes from my hometown (which is decidedly lacking in the downtown department), sometimes it feels like I'm in a different world.

Some things that I got from a non antique store down town. The card is from Fresh Frances stationary, but I just got it as a decoration for my dorm room.

     Another thing that I am endlessly fascinated by is specialty stores. Little local boutiques,whether they sell clothes, accessories, or other little knick knacks are always where I prefer to do my shopping. I love my new wrap bracelet and card (that I couldn't help but snatch up considering how much I giggled when I saw it).


Zuleika said...

Wow, that is one creepy Santa

mochaccinoland said...

those teapot sets in the 3rd photos are exquisite!!! <333


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