My First Video! Shopping/ Christmas Haul

(I swear I'm not demonic, the previews on these are never flattering).
    After logging countless hours on Lauren's YouTube channel, I decided that I wanted to do a short (well...you saw how that turned out) video showing my recent acquisitions. I know it isn't the cleanest cut video, but I left my Flip camera in my dorm room!
      As I've gotten older, pretty much all that I ask for as presents for Christmas is clothing, something to help me with photography, or books. This Christmas was no exception, only I didn't have anything that I needed desperately for my camera. Hopefully you enjoyed this video on my recent shopping (and present) "haul". (Say that word over and over again...doesn't seem real anymore!)
     I talk about a few links in my video that I wanted to make sure everyone sees if they want to: Delightful Day After items and Sophie Blackall's Missed Connections blog.

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