Judith March Perching Birds

Dress, Judith March. Sunglasses, Ray Ban. Shoes, Gap. Bag, Target (the $6 one!).

     Although I didn't buy this lovely Judith March bird motif dress online, I had to think a lot about the purchase. Therefore, I want to write a review as though I am writing for an online boutique. The dress certainly has hanger appeal (albeit a little bit of sticker shock). I saw the darling scalloped edges, the top stitching on the bust (waist?) line, and the birds and I knew I at least had to try the dress on. The only sizes left were a medium and two larges. I decided that the medium fit me pretty well in the dressing room, definitely well enough not to pass up what I was sure was a limited quantity dress in the boutique.
     I was right, but I was wrong. The dress fits perfect if I hike it up to my ribcage and tie the back ties as tight as they will go. Perhaps I should have tried to hunt down a small but then I believe that the dress wouldn't have actually zipped over my ribcage, and also would have been too short for my modest taste. The built in bra in the dress is wonderful for members of the I.B.T.C., but if you're looking for support you will have to hike up the dress to your tatas in a similar fashion that I did. I normally wear a size 0 across the board, but in this I would say I would need somewhere between a small and a medium.
     Overall, definitely consider Judith March dresses for a piece that you can keep coming back to, but try ALL the options on. Although I have seen some of the dresses on Modcloth before, here is where to buy them locally.


theSIREN said...

that handbag is amazing and completes your look. plus, your awesome ponytail should not go unnoticed! too cute.

xxx theSIREN


Jess said...

The dressing is freakin' fantastic! Love it!

So, happy to have found your blog. Following you here and on Chictopia. :)


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