Not Far from the Tree

 Button up, Gap. Heart print shorts, F21. Flats, Target. Sunglasses, Ray Ban.
     Out of all of my four parents, I am most like my mother. We look alike, act alike, think alike...you get the point. Over the past (almost) eighteen years, I have learned quite a few lessons from her (including how to drive). Here are my favorites thus far:
  1. Pearls make any outfit better.
  2. It is never "ok" for a boy to treat you badly. 
  3. Being sweet is different than being kind if you are going to pick one, choose kindness.
  4. If you can see the ocean, you better find a way to get in it.
  5. Being cute and pretty is better than being hot.
  6. The more classic, the better.
     It's going to be hard to accept that we won't see each other as often when I'm in college, but we will still be very close.
Happy Mother's Day!


Fashionography. said...

Aw this is a sweet post! What great advice, too :)

Erika Lee Sears said...

I just love the photos :) I go back and forth with pearls but still love that classic glow they give :).

Je suis Sophie said...

I want your whole outfit.

x Je suis Sophie

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