Animal Instinct: Charlotte Taylor

"Charlotte’s collections are tailored to all aspects of everyday life, laid bare ready to be grasped by the individual and transformed into their own story. Strong tailoring, bold silhouettes and sculptured shapes provide canvases for dashes of colour, textures and prints." Website biography

     I have always loved animal print. And I don't mean leopard spots and zebra stripes. I mean punchy silhouettes of animals on solid backgrounds, exactly like Charlotte Taylor's masterpieces. I was first introduced to her lovely creations through the below picture from Nylon Magazine:
     And I have been hooked ever since. The color combination choices and the interesting animals provide just enough whimsy. Although, upon first glance, I might never have thought to combine a sea foam green and red ant print top with a goldenrod and navy penguin print skirt, there is something about it that just works. I can't get the pieces and collections out of my mind!

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Kathryn said...

The first one immediately made me think of Kramer from Seinfeld. Why must I be such a nerd? :]

I'm not bold enough to wear prints like these, but I do like the elephant pattern a lot. Definitely a unique and thought-provoking collection!


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