Turn on the Gypsy Charm

    Since the fourth grade when it was my Halloween costume, I have been fascinated by mystics and fortune tellers of all types. The trinkets, the wisdom, the aura: all unique aspects of such a lifestyle. It is always fun to have an ancient art form define your personality, the good and the bad.
    Palm reading is an intimate way to get to know someone; after all, you get to spend a good bit of time holding their hand. Although I do not profess to be any expert, here are some general lessons so you can perhaps get a little closer on a first date (or to an already significant other, spontaneity is fun!).
     Using my hand as a model (going from bottom left to top right of the palm, then from left to right on the fingers):
  • A long, unbroken lifeline shows that you will have good health and vitality. Breaks in this line signify struggles in your life.
  • The shorter the head line, the more clearly and simply you can think. A long line of head indicates that you are an intellectual.
  • A curved line of heart indicates that you are ruled by your head, whereas a straight one indicates a more cerebral guidance.
  • The Jupiter finger (index) reveals self confidence. You are said to have ambitions for power if yours is longer than usual.
  • The Saturn finger (middle) shows flaws: a long one reveals seriousness, a stubby one reveals impetuousness.
  • The Apollo finger (ring) shows business sense and creativity. If yours is long, you are said to be a risk taker.
  • The Mercury finger (pinky) represents communication. If yours leans away line mine does in the first picture, you are probably more introverted that your inward leaning pinky pals.
Source: This Book Made Me Do It: Cool things to make, do, and explore from DK



Francesca said...

all of that stuff is so interesting. i'm not sure if i believe it or not though

F. (opinionslave.blogspot.com) x

ediot said...

hi darling.
thanks for stopping by me.
you had me stopping at this post.
it's a fun idea. but i don't believe in these kind of things -
it's always fun to try though- like i did with your palm reading thing.
have a wonderful week


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