To the Max

Necklace, American Eagle. Sweater, Gap. Skirt, Forever 21. Tights, a gift. Shoes, thrifted.

     The moment this skirt entered my life I knew I would be a changed woman. Well, it wasn't exactly that dramatic, but I did have one of those "I've got to have this" moments. Although typically I'm all for skirts that offer a shorter hemline, I have been gravitating towards the more ladylike cuts shown for Fall 2010 as well as the maxi lengths that haven't yet become disbanded.
     The pictures were extremely fun to take today. I set up the view and had my sister for an assistant- she simply pressed the shutter release button on continuous mode for about 200 shots and we hoped for the best. Although some of them turned out a little blurry, I actually like the effect. It suits the mood that the skirt portrays (I got everything from fairy princess to witch today, but in the most loving ways possible. My friends and boyfriend fully support my fashion choices), but I did think I would need a crisper shot to showcase the details of my outfit.
     I hope I can be as satisfied with the rest of my outfits as I was with this one!

P.S.: The hand obsession continues with the first photograph. I spy a theme.

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Lou x said...

i love these photos! the outfit is lovely x

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