The Bright Baby Eyes of a Chickadee

     Headband, Gap Kids. Tee shirt, BCBGeneration. Bow belt, sister's closet. Skirt and shoes, F21. Tights, American Eagle.
    I felt like such a lady in today's outfit. I contradict myself with my fashion tastes, but I dress in cycles of extreme girliness and masculinity. Last Friday, for example, I wore suspenders and saddle shoes.   
     I rushed home from school to try to capture some of the lighting today. When the sun is shining, it is hard to force myself to stay in the school library an extra hour after school lets out to do research. Today was no exception, but I managed to salvage the last few rays of the golden hour. Unfortunately, not enough so to get an accurate picture of my heels, but I'm sure they will be worn again soon.
     When I get more Polaroid film I may try to do more detail photos like this, I really like the look of them. I just scanned my entire collection of smaller format Polaroid pictures, I can't wait to post them! But until then, here is a glimpse of what my scanner and the camera have to offer. The pictures look much better in person, my "inexpensive" (in AP Microeconomics, our teacher always made sure we used this alternative to "cheap") scanner/printer/copier just doesn't do them justice.
     Have a happy weekend!


Aissata said...

love your dress, thanx for that sweet comment, following now, hope you do the same


Claudia said...

gorgeous photos!

great blog,

Kristina said...

heeey great photos :)
you're so pretty !!


Shevah said...

Lovely photos!


Anonymous said...

i love your ourfit!

Jennifer Dawn said...

Gorgeous photos!


Jessi said...

I really like this set of pictures! you look like a dark Alice in Wonderland

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